Special Offer Packages in Baby and Parent Massage - ideal baby gifts!


- Mum and Baby 3 weeks in a row... allow around 2 hours per week, it’s helpful but not necessary to have someone around to watch baby whilst you get your massage. £250 mum gets a weekly postnatal massage followed by baby being pampered with a baby massage over three weeks we learn full body for baby.


- New mum and Baby package... allow around 2 hours. £100 Mum gets a full body postnatal massage including c section scar work if needed. Baby gets a lovely foot and leg massage taster session.


- Sos New Parent Package... allow around 2.5 - 3 hours £150 mum gets a postnatal massage including c section scar work if needed, dad/partner gets a Swedish massage and baby gets a feet and leg massage or a tummy troubles session.

If this is done 3 weeks in a row we can learn full body massage for baby.


- Book 3 pregnancy/postnatal massages for £150


- Massage in labour/pregnancy master class for partners combined with a pregnancy massage for mum £100 allow around 1.5-2 hours


Please contact to book... I can provide these as gift vou