I trained as a doula in 2016 with developing doulas I was working with babies and parents well before this and have always been drawn towards supporting the antenatal, birth and postnatal period. I absolutely love babies and supporting families at these times and bring a real calming influence. I love being able empower you as a doula by helping lay out options to enable you to make informed choices that are right for your family. I recognise that this will be completely different from one family to the next and love to adapt to the needs of different families. I have supported many diferent types of birth.

My birht doula services consist of two antenatal appointments, the birth and a postantal appointment. I would be on call two weeks before your due date and two weeks after your due date. I also offer telephone support durring this time and up to six weeks after birth. The cost for this would be £850. For a free of charge consultation/interview please contact me. Please see comments below and ask for refernces if needed. I am independent so can be flexible on prices if needed. this can be discussed.

I can encorporate doula services into a package including baby massage, pregnancy massage and postnatal massage should you wish.

please see the rest of my site for baby massage ad other massage service I offer.

thank you. Love Bee xx


"Bee was my doula, for the birth and postnatal period of my first baby. I had a home birth and bee was there to support me and my partner throughout! I had a lot of comments from people trying to put me off having a home birth but bee gave me the confidence to follow my heart and I'm so glad I did! The birth was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced, the room was full of fairy lights, the log burner glowing and bee put on some essential oils in her diffuser to help relax and guide me. We listened to my hypnobirthing tracks whilst we waited for the contractions to get closer together so we could call the midwife. Having bee there kept both me and my partner really calm, which is so important to reduce pain, fear and tension. She suggested we try different things to help speed up the contractions, taking a walk outside really worked as did bouncing on the birth ball. My baby boy had such a calm beautiful entrance to the world, and I really couldn't have done it without bee and my amazing partner.  After the birth bee was constantly checking in on us, and was there to answer lots of questions, especially helpful with breastfeeding advice. We haven't felt stressed or worried at all as we have felt so supported, and everything has worked out so well. Our little boy is so calm and I really believe this is down to his peaceful birth. We are so so thankful to bee, she is such a beautiful calming knowledgeable person to be around. I recommend her so much!! Xxx"


"My Mum's experience of birth had been awful. When I found out I was pregnant I was aware of how these negative feelings could impact my birthing experience. I wanted to do everything I could to have a positive experience, so I asked Bee to be my doula as she is experienced and very knowledgeable of pregnancy, birth and babies. During my pregnancy, she was on hand with useful tips and advice. We went through an ideal birthing plan, also discussing other scenarios and how my partner could support me during labour. Most importantly she provided me with reassurance that I could birth the baby successfully. Bee was on call in the weeks leading up to my due date, again it was reassuring to know she would be part of my team at the birth. As soon as the first signs of labour started we talked a lot and she was there at the hospital shortly after my waters broke. While the medical teams are concerned about monitoring your health, Bee was there to listen to me and empowered me to listen to my body when contractions came. She supported my partner to be involved in the labour too, which was needed especially as I was getting tired towards the end. Once my daughter was born, Bee helped ensure I was settled and my partner got skin to skin time. My Mum cried with happiness knowing that my birth had been so far removed from her own. Having a positive birth left me feeling so empowered, a huge part of this was having such a supportive doula in Bee." Sept 2019 A Reyco


"I can't say enough good things about Bee! I first met Bee after the birth of my first baby when we attended her baby massage course (which I highly recommend! Very relaxing baby/Mum bonding time). Around the start of the third trimester of my second pregnancy I got to know Bee more as I was seeing her for maternity massages. During this time I discovered that in addition to maternity/baby massage she is also an active doula. During the week leading up to my scheduled caesarean (breech baby) while my husband was away for work in Dublin Bee was a constant support, checking in with me throughout each day and being available to answer all my questions and provide reassurance. I felt at complete ease knowing I had her support and that she would be at the hospital with me if baby came early and my husband wasn’t able to make it back from Dublin in time for the birth.

I didn’t think I would need a birth plan as this was my second baby (first being a natural birth) and this one being a planned procedure (given baby did not want to come before the caesarean date) but Bee pointed out many reasons why it would still be good and relevant to have one and provided me with numerous invaluable ideas and facts, most of which I never would have thought of on my own or thought to research, and all of which I added to my birth plan. She also gave me information on aftercare for both baby and Mum that I would not have realised was important.

Bee is a very special presence during this very special time in a woman’s life!" Dec 2019 B Rebling


"At a time where nothing felt certain and I had no idea what the journey of pregnancy was going to bring to me, Bee was absolutely wonderful. She was there at every moment to give me strength, courage and reassurance and even dropped everything to be a comfort and support to me when I had to go for an emergency scan and my husband couldn't join me.

My birth was not what I had planned and had a few complications but bee was the strength my husband and I needed to stay positive and focused and I honestly think, although it wasn't how we had pictured it or what we had planned, bee turned it around to be such a different and beautful experience in its own way, and I look back at it with such joy." Nov 2019 V Simms



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