Most parents at some point have to deal with the distress of constipation, colic, and trapped wind with their babies, I know from first-hand experience both how difficult this is and how much baby massage can help! It can also be very effective on babies with reflux.


In all my Cambridge baby massage course we cover the colic, constipation and trapped wind routine... however sometimes parents need a little more help in their own homes....


I can come out to your Cambridge home and carry out one to one sessions / classes learning the baby massage colic, constipation and trapped wind routine. This is such a valuable skill to learn with your baby and I can teach you and your partner at the same time to if you like.


What this involves...

I will come to your house and using music, lighting, blankets etc. we will make a comfortable, safe haven for your baby

We will have a short consultation discussing the problems you and your baby are facing and things that can help with this

I will teach you some nice holds for when your baby is in discomfort

We will learn the colic, constipation and trapped wind routine in you and your babies own time and go over this ensuring you are happy with the routine

We will go over some gentle movements that help with tummy troubles

We will cover back massage which helps with tummy constipation and colic

I will leave you with handouts, pdfs, a bottle of organic cold pressed sunflower oil/fractiond coconut oil

Over feeding time we will discuss ideal times for the baby massage routine


Colic/Constipation baby massage usually takes around an hour and will be in the safe comfort of your own home in Cambridge/Cambridgeshire (further afield can be discussed but travel cost may need to be considered)


The cost for this is £60 or £30 online


After we have learnt the baby massage colic, constipation and trapped wind routine should you wish me to come out to your Cambridge/Cambridgeshire home for a further two consecutive weeks to learn full body baby massage privately as a one to one this will a cost of £55 per session... usually around an hour... dependant on sleep/feed etc.


Please contact me directly to arange a time and date... [email protected] or 07955 568 238